Rich Dittus con la canción simple song

If I had to go home tomorrow would I be ready
Or if I had to go home later today
All the things I have done the past, the fun, trophies in a box
Would it matter anymore
And all I have suddenly fades away
And I’m left just as a came
If I could live again I would live simply
I’d unpack my bags and be ready to go
I would take the time to listen
Come out from my tinted glass
Not fight the tears when they cam and I’d take the time to laugh
In a world broken we all search for peace well I found my piece in you
Can I rest my head upon Your heart
Cause it’s the only place where I found peace
The simple life is all I need but still my heart is full of greed and though I give sometime my heart tries to take it back
I rely on a strength that’s not my own just like this earth is not my home
And though I fall short
We all walk blind along the road


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