Sissel, con la canción Ready to go home

On the street below these walls
Where i used to walk
Now i can barely crawl
All this darkness rising tall

Lord, shine a light for me
I'm waiting to be called

I'm ready to go home
I'm ready to receive forgiveness for my sins
I'm ready to begin

Take this river to the sea
Where the delta flows
The tide is washing over me
Take this soul to heaven's door

Show me where tomorrow lies
I'm waiting to be born

I'm ready to lay down
I'm ready now to sleep
A promise i must keep
I'm ready to go home

So tired, i lay down with these memories
I breathe shallow deep inside of me


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  1. Me gusta este blog, esta muy bonita la musica, creo que casi tenemos los mismos gustos. Saluditos


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