The Limerick Rake - Pogues

I'm a young fellow who's easy and bold,
In Castletown Conners I'm very well known
In Newcastle West I spent many a note
With Kitty and Judy and Mary.
My father rebuked me for being such a rake
and spending my time in such frolicsome ways
but I ne'er can forget the good nature of Jane
'Agus fagamid siud mar ata se'
(Irish for 'We'll leave it as it is')

My parents had rared me to rake and to mow
to plough and to harrow, to reap and to sow
but my heart being too airy to drop it so low
I set out on a high speculation
On paper and parchment they taught me to write
in Euclid and grammar they opened my eyes
and in multiplication, in truth I was bright
agus fagamid siud mar ata se

If I chance for to go to the town of Rathkeal
The girls all around me do flock on the square
some bring me a bottle and others sweet cakes
to treat me unknown to their parents
There's one from Askeaton and one from the Pike
another from Ardagh, my heart was beguiled
though being from the mountains her stockings are white
agus fagamid siud mar ata se

To quarrel for riches, I ne'er was inclined
for the greatest of misers must leave them behind
I'll purchase a cow that will never run dry
and I'll milk her by twisting her horn
John Darmer of Schrowel had plenty of gold
and Devonshire's treasure was 20 times more
but he's laid on his back upon nettles and stones
agus fagmid siud mar ata se

This cow can be milked without clover or grass
for she's pampered on corn, good barley and hops
she's warma and she's stout and she's free in her paps
and she'll milk without spancel or halter
The man that will drink it will cock his caubeen
and if anyone coughs there'll be wigs on the green
and the feeble old hag will get supple and free
agus fagamid siud mar ata se

If I chance for to go to the market at Croom
with my cock in my hand and my pipes in full tune
I'm welcome at once and brought up to a room
where Baccus is sporting with Venus
There's Peggy and Jane from the town of Bruree
and Biddy from Bruff and we're all on the spree
such a combing of locks as there was about me
agus fagamid siud mar ata se

And now for the future, I mean to be wise
and I'll send for the women that acted so kind
and I'll marry them all on the square by and by
if the clergy agree to the bargain
and when I'm on me back and me soul is at peace
these women will crowd for to cry at my wake
and their sons and their daughters will offer their prayers
to the Lord, for the soul of their father.


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