Just the way you are

Un tema de Bruno Mars,"Just the way you are" interpretado por el grupo Anthem Lights. Los miembros de la banda son :Chad Graham - voz ,Caleb Grimm - voz, Alan Powell - voz, piano, guitarra, Joey Stamper-voz, piano, guitarra.Anthem Lights comenzó como un proyecto en solitario para el vocalista Chad Graham en el otoño de 2007. Anthem Lights es un grupo cristiano americano originario de Nashville.

Oh her eyes, her eyes 
make the stars look 
like they're not shining 
Her hair, her hair 
falls perfectly 
without her trying 
She's so beautiful 
and I tell her everyday 

Yeah I know, I know 
when I compliment her 
she wont believe me 
And it's so it's so 
sad to think she 
don't see what I see 
But everytime she asks me do 
I look okay 
I say 

When I see your face 
there's not a thing 
that I would change 
Cause you're amazing 
Just the way you are 

And when you smile 
the whole world stops 
and stares for a while 
Cause girl you're amazing 
Just the way you are. 

Her lips, her lips 
could kiss them 
all day if she'd let me 
Her laugh, her laugh 
She hates but 
I think it's so sexy 
She's so beautiful 
and i tell her 

Oh you know, you know 
you know 
I'd never ask 
you to change 
if perfect is what 
you're searching for 
then just stay the same 
So don't even bother asking 
if you look okay 
You know I say 

The way you are 
The way you are 
Girl you're amazing 
Just the way you are 


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